AT HOME ART CHALLENGE- Making the Most of Personal Isolation


Week #1 Still Life of Basket of Fruit By M Susan Broussard

Lockdown Artists' Weekly At-Home Art Challenge 

Keep making art and everything is going to be all right.


To help get through this surreal and unprecedented time of home isolation, do a weekly art challenge at home on your own. Use any medium(s), and create as many pieces as you like. 

Check back each week for a new weekly challenge. Scroll down to see work by lots of great lockdown artists.

Week #3 Challenge: 

March 31, 2020

Choose one subject and create two separate pieces using two different mediums.

Choose any subject matter: still life, portrait, figure, landscape, seascape, animals, abstract, etc. Use any two mediums: color or graphite pencil, ink pen, dip pen, paint (oil, acrylic, water color, etc.), graphic tablet, clay, collage, mixed media, etc. If your art supplies are limited, this is the perfect time to have fun inventing and improvising!: paint or dip pen using coffee or tea instead of paint or ink; cut up magazines for collage; use things from your recycling bin: paint or draw on cardboard, make sculpture from plastics, etc. Or your two mediums could simply be making one piece in color and the other monochromatic (using pencil, pen, one color of paint mixed with white, etc.). Enjoy!

Week #2 Challenge: 

March 23, 2020

Tell a story using figure(s) or portrait(s).

Use a single word to tell your story, like Edvard Munch’s "The Scream”, or Franz Xaver Messerschmidt’s character heads. Or tell a story that's more complicated with as many figures as you like. 

Use any medium(s). If you’re in quarantine with someone, perhaps they will model for you (nude, clothed, sleeping, awake?). Or use your own photos, art books, magazines, etc. as a reference. Or simply draw from memory. Or draw animé or cartoon characters. Have fun and be creative. 

Week #1 Challenge: 

March 16, 2020

Draw or paint something you eat.

Create a still life of something edible: Cezanne’s fresh fruit or vegetables, a glass of wine or wine bottles (which can be an exercise in painting reflections on glass), Wayne Thiebaud’s cakes or deli food, a plate or forkful of pasta, etc. Be creative and have fun! 


Choosing Your Subject

Pick objects that you're genuinely excited about. Arrange your still life. Don't forget to light it attractively. (Natural window light can be beautiful.)


Build a Set

Build a set using a cardboard box. (I used sheets of black foam-core.) The "walls" of the set help flag off unwanted sources of light, allowing a clean side-light.


Week #1 Lobster and Lemon By M Susan Broussard

On the last night of normal restaurant business before the lockdown, I took this lobster home in a doggy bag to paint. The chef had sawed it in half. I texted a friend, "My poor model! Its head had to be tied together with a blue rubber band." She replied, "He is lucky - he's still got a job!"


Week #2 (work in progress) RA Catching the Dodgeball By M Susan Broussard

I've been working on the challenge all week, but it's still unfinished. It's a triptych (3 panel) drawing of master copies of Michelangelo's drawings for the Sistine Chapel. The right panel is not yet drawn, so has photocopies taped roughly where the drawings will appear. 

The inspiration for this challenge came when an old friend jokingly asked me to make a painting commemorating her childhood victory of catching a killer dodgeball hurled at her by the school bully. I liked the challenge, but not being a narrative artist I initially drew a blank. I happened to be at the Getty to see the Michelangelo exhibit the day before it shuttered. There it occurred to me that Michelangelo's burly muscle bound figures would tell our schoolgirl mythology perfectly. At the top center of the center panel, the (headless) figure is catching the dodgeball. The figure just to its right is throwing the ball. The side panels show the spectators. I'll change the photo when the piece is finished, so check back.

Don't forget to scroll down to see work of lots of great lockdown artists. Share your own art so I can post it.